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All Members Need Safe Environment Training

The Diocese of Orlando requires Fingerprinting And Safe Environment Training


June 1, 2011 --

The Diocese of Orlando is required by the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to follow certain guidelines with regard to safe environment training. As are all other archdioceses and dioceses, we are required to undergo regular audits by the USCCB to be sure that we are in compliance with those regulations.

All volunteers currently working with children and vulnerable populations are required to have fingerprint clearances and if they have not received safe environment training they will be required to do so by the deadlines described below. In addition, the Diocese HR Office will be responsible, going forward, for ensuring that all new employees and volunteers receive mandated training. Therefore, in line with this directive, please review the following information.

New Volunteers – Beginning July 1, 2008, all new volunteers working with children and vulnerable populations will now be required to complete Safe Environment training prior to being permitted to participate in entity activities. Diocesan entities will not receive fingerprinting clearances for volunteers to participate in activities until the HR/Fingerprinting Office receives proof of training completion.

Current Volunteers – Volunteers who attended the “Advocacy for Safety and Prevention” trainings held at San Pedro on April 24, 2007 and August 16, 2007 may consider themselves in compliance with the requirement for Safe Environment training. Be advised, however, attendees who did not complete a registration sheet at the event will not receive credit.

How to Fulfill Training Requirements

In an effort to make the training easily available to our employees and volunteers, we have placed a training video directly on our website. In order to fulfill the training requirement, employees and volunteers may choose from one of the following options:



Option 1 Website video entitled “Protecting Our Youth

This video is recommended for all new and current volunteers. In order to fulfill the training obligation using this option, volunteers must watch the video (approximately 20 minutes) and successfully complete an online quiz, consisting of 13 questions. Pass/fail results are sent directly to the Diocese HR/Fingerprinting Office, which records the pass/fail status for the volunteer. It is available at the following website address:    http://www.orlandodiocese.org and click on the right side <Safe Environment Training>

You will need to register on the system and attend a fingerprinting session at the Diocese offices. There is a cost for the processing.


After completion, please send me a printed copy of your test results. Additionally, the test results will be electronically forwarded to our Human Resources Office for recording.

Thanks for all you continue to do!

Gayle Zambito
Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

Men of Holy Family Members should notify the Board of Directors upon completion of the Training and fingerprinting. Thanks for your cooperation.