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Holy Family Catholic Church, Orlando, FL

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The Year of Faith:

the Holy Family FAMILY Involvement


  The Holy Family Catholic Church parish has put together 5 videos to demonstrate the dynamic and diverse activities of this growing parish during this Year of Faith. Each video gives some insight as to parish life and the many ways to get involved with growing your faith, giving service and joining others in worship. Feel free to contact the parish office to get more information or to become involved in one of the ministries you see here.


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Community Groups

Catholic School

Prayer & Spirituality

Liturgy & Worship



Holy Family Catholic Church - Orlando

[July 2012 ]

                                                         Sponsored by the Men of Holy Family





Holy Family Community Group Ministries - Orlando

[Nov 2012]





Holy Family Catholic School - Orlando 

[January 2013]




Holy Family Prayer & Spirituality Ministries - Orlando

  [February 2013]



Holy Family Liturgy & Worship Ministries - Orlando 

[March 2013]